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Parenting: Resource List

Books for Adults

General Health and Behavior

  • 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12, 3rd ed; by Thomas Phelan; ParentMagic, 2003
  • Getting Your Child From No To Yes: Without Nagging, Bribing, Or Threatening; by Jerry L. Wyckoff and Barbara C. Unell; Meadowbrook Press, 2004
  • Great Kids: Helping Your Baby And Child Develop The Ten Essential Qualities For A Happy, Healthy Life; by Stanley I. Greenspan; Da Capo Press, 2007
  • How to Behave So Your Children Will, too!; by Sal Severe; Greentree Pub., 1997
  • How to Negotiate With Kids -- Even When You Think You Shouldn't; by Scott Brown; Viking, 2003
  • How to Say It To Your Kids; The Right Words To Solve Problems, Soothe Feelings & Teach Values; by Paul Coleman; Prentice Hall, 2000
  • I Brake For Meltdowns: How To Handle The Most Annoying Behaviors Of Your 2-To-5-Year-Old; by Michelle Nicholasen with Barbara O'Neal; Da Capo Press, 2008
  • Is This a Phase? Child Development and Parent Strategies Birth to 6 years; by Helen Neville; Parenting Press, 2007
  • Parenting Children with Love and Logic:Teaching Children Responsibility; by Foster Cline; Love and Logic Press, 2006
  • Slow And Steady Parenting: Active Child-Raising For The Long Haul (Birth To Age Three); by Catherine A. Sanderson; M. Evans, 2007
  • Supernanny How To Get The Best From Your Children; by Jo Frost; Hyperion, 2005
  • Taking "No" for an Answer and Other Skills Children Need: Fifty Games to Teach Family Skills; by Laurie Simon; Parenting Press, 2000
  • The Active, Creative Child: Parenting in Perpetual Motion; by Stephanie Vlahoy; Hohm Press, 2005
  • The Challenging Child: Understanding, Raising, and Enjoying The Five 'Difficult' Types of Children; by Stanley Greenspan; Perseus Press, 1996
  • The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child; by Marti Laney; Workman Publishing Co. , 2005
  • Understanding your Child's Temperament; by Beverly LaHaye; Harvest House Publishing, 1997
  • Your Active Child: How to Boost Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Development Through Age-Appropriate Activities; by Rae Pica; McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, 2003

Baby and Toddler

  • Outwitting Toddlers; by Bill Adler; Kensington, 2001
  • Parenting Guide To Your Toddler; by Paula Spencer; Ballantine Books, 2000
  • Parenting the Strong Willed Child: The Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of Two- to Six Year Olds; by Rex Forehand; Contemporary Books, 2002
  • The Playskool Guide To The Toddler Years: Professional, Reassuring Advice On Surviving--And Thriving--During The Toddler Years; Rebecca Rutledge; Sourcebooks, 2007

Preschool to 8 years

  • I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your Parent: Helping Your Children Set the Boundaries They Need and Really Want; by E.D. Hill; Thomas Nelson, 2008

Tweens (8 to 13 years)

  • But I'm Almost 13! An Action Plan for Raising a Responsible Adolescent; by Kenneth Ginsburg; Contemporary Books, 2002
  • Parenting That Works: Building Skills That Last a Lifetime; by Edward Christophersen; American Psychological Assn., 2003
  • Tweens: Understanding Your 8 to 12 Year Old; by Andrea Clifford-Poston; Oneworld Publishing, 2005

Other Resources

Search Institute
Telephone: 800-888-7828

National Council on Family Relations

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